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53301670 LATCH

Safety latch trigger. Single hook, Forging size: RSN/RFN 32, Bolt size: M20
Stocked item, however please check detail page for availability
Hook latch with trigger


The Hook Latch Trigger allows a crane operator to have both hands free to insert or remove a load attachment from a hook, reducing the risk of finger, hand or back injury.


The trigger is easily set to hold the latch in the open position. As the sling, shackle or other attachment is inserted into the hook, or removed from the hook, the trigger is released and the latch closes without further action from the operator. When used properly, the latch trigger can reduce or remove the tendency of an operator to interfere with the latch using tape, zip ties or other temporary fastening, encouraging safer and faster load setup.

The Hook Latch Trigger can be installed in minutes on a range of existing hooks.


  • Leaves a crane operator with both hands free to attach and detach load attachments from a hook without compromising safety.

  • Can reduce the risk of finger, hand and back injuries while inserting or removing a load attachment.

  • Helps reduce the risk of load drops that can arise due to latch modification.

Weight 4.38 lbs.
Ramshorn hook size RFN32, RSN32
Latch length 262 mm
Single hook size RFN32, RSN32
Latch width 110 mm
Latch thickness 4 mm